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Money Back Guarantee (3Days) Devices per license:Unlimited 19(countries)20(servers) Free10GB+/Month
Windscribe offers good value for your money.windscribe is the best vpn I've used so far。
Free$0.00-$9.00/month Windscribe encrypts your browsing activity, blocks ads, and unblocks entertainment content,Your online privacy is under attack.Windscribe sets you free. Sign Up
Money Back Guarantee (30Days) Devices per license: 6 61(countries)1100(servers)2000ip Ranked 1st from 290 VPNs,The Best & Worst VPNs for USA
Nord works well.Good speeds,Great interface
2.75$-11.95$/month The bottom line is that NordVPN simply has everything to offer. It’s fast, it’s super secure, it has servers everywhere, and it’s very reasonably priced. There are no real drawbacks to choosing this site at all. Sign Up
Money Back Guarantee (7Days) Devices per license: 3 60(countries)750(servers)40000ip Provide a free trial.Ranked 5th from 290 VPNs, Trustzone use OpenVPN, L2TP protocol, which I think is arguably the most secure, and AES 256 encryption standard. $2.99-$6.99/month Trust.Zone is based in Seychelles where they operate according to the law of that country.Definitely a mixed bag, Trust.Zone has good and bad qualities. While it is easy to use and their prices are certainly fair enough, speed is a big issue, as is the customer support, which is a bit inconvenient. Sign Up
Money Back Guarantee (7Days) Devices per license: 5 21+(countries)50(servers) The Best & Worst VPNs for iOS,Ranked 4th from 290 VPNs $6.49-$10.00/month IPVanish is one of the best VPN providers out there when it comes to protecting your privacy online.Has proven to be very reliable for my activity on line. Sign Up
Money Back Guarantee (30Days) Devices per license:5 65(countries)700(servers)20000ip The Best & Worst VPNs for Windows,Ranked 9th from 290 VPNs $5.00-$6.67/month Our testing of VyprVPN has shown it to be straightforward and enjoyable. Everything worked flawlessly and the software is very easy to get the hang of, even for new users of VPNs. Sign Up
Money Back Guarantee (30Days) Devices per license:5 35(countries)700(servers) The Best & Worst VPNs for Android,Ranked 6th from 290 VPNs,No activity logged for top protection $3.49-$8.99/month Its user-friendly platform, installation, and customer service make SaferVPN a great VPN service. Recently, it upgraded its encryption and security protocols and special features. Sign Up
Money Back Guarantee (7Days) Devices per license:5 25(countries)3253(servers) The Best & Worst VPNs for Torrents,Ranked 7th from 290 VPNs $3.33-$6.95/month I found PIA very simple to install on Windows and Android and, although I didn’t try it out, would assume a similar standard for other platforms, like Linux and Mac. Sign Up
Money Back Guarantee (3Days) Devices per license:3 16(countries)80(servers) Ranked 10th from 290 VPNs,Not limited to traffic and time, each account can be up to three connections at the same time, there is no maximum speed limit €4.50-€7.00/month AirVPN started in 2010, and today the company has more than 80 servers located in 15 datacenters around the world. When you use the service, you are able to hide your IP and get a new IP whenever you are browsing online. Sign Up
Money Back Guarantee (2Days) Devices per license: 1 50(countries)650(servers)10000ip Ranked 14th from 290 VPNs,By using Overplay I can use the same VPN connection at the same time on my PC, smartphone and tablet. $8.83-$9.95/month Overplay offers a wide selection of server locations, more than 100 – with over 12,000 IP addresses, so you are bound to find the connections that best suit your needs. It can be used across a range of devices. Sign Up
Money Back Guarantee (14Days) Devices per license:2 3(countries)13(servers) Easily competes with the best when it comes to security, but torrent users be wary $6.66-$8.49/month With is excellent reliability and easy to use software, BolehVPN could just be the product that you are looking for. Sign Up
Money Back Guarantee (30Days) Devices per license:2 190(countries)850(servers)110000ip Ranked 11th from 290 VPNs,Very simple to use VPN $6.55-$11.52/month Don’t let AVG’s HideMyAss VPN, with its trendy and colorful flat design, fool you. With over 940 VPN servers in over 350 locations worldwide, the service is anything but flat, allowing you to hide your e-tracks speedily and consistently, all at a total bargain. Sign Up
Money Back Guarantee (15Days) Devices per license: 1 47(countries)130(servers)1400ip I installed the VPN client for windows and I activated the ibDNS with one click. $3.08-$4.84/month ibVPN is one of the most affordable VPN services available. It is an online privacy provider that assures private browsing at lightning fast speeds and a low rate. Sign Up
Money Back Guarantee (30Days) Devices per license: 5 32(countries) Ranked 12th from 290 VPNs,Safe VPN service with Kill Switch $6.66-$9.95/month SwitchVPN is a VPN provider that boasts a robust networking capability and use of advanced networking technology to ensure that their users have seamless access to information and data online, without breach of their privacy. Sign Up
Money Back Guarantee (3Days) Devices per license:5 42(countries)62(servers) TEasy to use VPN,This is the best VPN I've ever tried. It's fast, stable and it's easy to setup. $7.50-$9.00/month TigerVPN does not require any special software and is very easy to configure and use. Extensive and detailed setup guides are provided at the service's website. Sign Up
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